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Restoring an IBM HMC using FTP

Submitted: Fri, 01/02/2009 - 18:42 -- guvnor
Last Updated: Sun, 08/31/2014 - 11:02
Restoring an RS/6000 P Series HMC is something you might have to do in the event of hardware failure of your IBM HMC. If your machine has failed and you have received a replacement HMC unit from your vendor or IBM it would be in a factory default state (no configuration useful for your site). You would need to take a previous backup of your critical data and restore it. This guide shows you how to do it using FTP transfer method. Step 1. Turn your blank HMC on and setup basic network connectivity. Make sure it can see the FTP server that you are about to restore the backup to. Step 2.strong> Under Licensed Internal Code Maintenance choose HMC Code Update. Step 3. Choose Remote Restore of Critical Console data. Check the Restore from Remote FTP radio button. And press Next. Step 4. Enter your FTP details Step 5. You will now be asked to wait while the restore process takes place. Choose the restore file you wish to use (they may be more than one if you have created multiple backups i.e a weekly backup cycles. In this demo I only have one file to use HMCBackup_20070703.153821.tgz. Highlight the file and click OK. Step 6. You will now be asked to wait while the restore process takes place. You will now be asked to wait while the restore process takes place. Step 7.After a while the process will ask you to complete a reboot.


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